International theater festival in Sibiu to host VR section

This year’s edition of the International Theater Festival in Sibiu (FITS) will host a section dedicated to virtual reality.

It will show two performances that can be seen daily throughout the festival, between June 24 and July 3, at Habitus Cultural Center, as part of Micro-Folie.

The first performance is TrioMix, directed and choreographed by Gigi Căciuleanu. The performance allows the public to enter the dance space, identifying with the camera as there is no hidden angle to the viewer.

The second performance is Turnul # următorul nivel (Tower #nextlevel), a production of Basca Theater, directed by Alex Mihăescu. It uses “the metaphor of the purgatory to speak in a humorous key on the demons haunting our present: epidemics, corruption, conflictual social and political attitudes, many of them stemming from different life and education experiences.”

FITS also covers this year a Festival of Living Statues, which will bring to Sibiu five performances from a project by Mihai Mălaimare. The five performances are: Triptic Shakespeare (in collaboration with the Art and Media Department of the Craiova University); The Kiss (Theater Art Department of the Lucian Blaga University in Sibiu); Shakespeare Ball (Theater Faculty of the George Enescu University in Iași); Tales from the Garter Inn (Music and Theater Faculty of Vest University in Timișoara); spirit The Museum of Wax Statues (Art Faculty, Ovid University in Constanța).

FITS takes place between June 24 and July 3, under the theme of Beauty.

(Photo: TrioMix by Roman Canțîr, courtesy of FITS)

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