Nintendo Direct set for tomorrow, another source claims

Another credible source has pointed to a Nintendo Direct broadcast taking place tomorrow, Tuesday September 13.

GamesBeat journalist Mike Minotti and Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb first claimed that a new Direct would take place during the week starting September 12, and then reported a Tuesday live stream date last weekend.

Now, respected Nintendo insider Emily Rogers has corroborated this claim, stating on Famiboards that a Direct will take place early on Tuesday morning, PT time.

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However, Rogers claimed she did not know the contents or format of the Direct and speculated that the early US kick-off time could even suggest a smaller “Mini” style event.

“According to my sources, the Direct is still set for Tuesday,” she wrote. “However, I’m also hearing Tuesday’s Direct will air in the early morning PDT (US time). Not Tuesday evening (US time). I was told the exact time/hour when it would air.

“Why is this notable? Because ‘General’ Directs are typically aired at the start of the evening for the US, around midnight in Europe and in the morning for Japan. Normally around 2pm-3pm PDT. So, that early morning time slot feels very much Mini-esque.”

Rogers went on to note that the last time a general Nintendo Direct aired in the early morning (PT) was back in 2018, and stated that this was why she was tempering her expectations.

“To be fair, that doesn’t guarantee that Tuesday’s Direct is a ‘mini’. Patterns and trends can always be broken. Nintendo’s marketing department can break their own rules whenever they want. But I can at least confirm that this Direct will air in the early morning (US time PDT) on Tuesday.”

Jeff Grubb reported this weekend that the event airing on a Tuesday – which is unusual for Nintendo Directs – was likely down to this week’s Tokyo Game Show, which kicks off on Thursday the 15Th.

Minotti and Grubb previously claimed that Zelda and Metroid ports would be part of the next direct, and the latter said this weekend he understands that’s still the case.