Hysterical dad & daughters get 250 million internet views and counting !!

Instagram sensation SBSOLLY gives his first television interview. Meet the father famous for posting silly princess pictures with his daughters.

SAN DIEGO – Most parents post online pictures of their children on social media, but what would you do if your pictures and videos went viral and were seen by a quarter of a billion people? In this Zevely Zone, I met San Diego’s most downloaded dad. Sholom Ber Solomon and his daughters Zoe Tegan (5) and Olivia (3) have become the global darlings of social media.

In his first television interview, Sholom, known online as SBSOLLY, told us how he and his adorable daughters became an internet sensation and San Diego’s most famous father. “I will take it and appreciate it,” said Sholom.

Depending on the post, you will see the father dressed up as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz or as one of many Disney princesses on Instagram. If this dad has a watering can, his kids are the flowers. If he’s gardening, they are his gnomes. The fun-loving dad enjoys posing for silly pictures. Six years ago, Sholom’s wife, Carli, started posting pictures of him acting silly and a star was born. “I’m going through Facebook and saying that is my face and there were like 10 million views. Take it in. This is big,” said Sholom. “There was one video that got 73 million views initially.”

Millions of online hits keep piling up across the globe. “Now we are starting to deal with a percentage of the population of planet earth and that was like a little daunting,” said Sholom. Yet, the father says he does not get recognized at the grocery store. “No and that is shocking, isn’t it?” laughed Sholom.

The British born cartoonist with his wife in Los Angeles. “I mean even on our first date he was doodling on a napkin, and I was like this guy is great,” said Sholom’s wife Carli. She says she met her Prince Charming at a bar called the Village Idiot. “She thinks it’s appropriate,” laughed Sholom. Carli added with a big laugh, “I took the village idiot home and he never left.”

Their two famous sidekicks followed. During our interview, Sholom was ambushed by his beautiful daughters. As they climbed their dad he said, “Ha, ha, ha. I am going to do my best impression of a tree right now.” Zoe Tegan and Olivia were wearing pajamas named after them. “They are wearing ‘Tegan and Ollie’ pajamas, all hand drawn by this deliciously bearded man right here,” said Carli.

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The couple has launched a baby pajama clothing line inspired by the Sholom’s imagination. “Fun little designs,” said Sholom. According to their website customers can experience a world where the most creamy soft and ultra luxe bamboo fabric meets the colorful, whimsical, and imaginative hand-drawn designs of a silly and fun dad.

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The pajamas are a perfect partner to the hilarious pictures of a dad dressing his baby as KFC takeout. The father has 310,000 followers on Instagram who are always wondering he’ll do next. “When you take a baby and you throw on a wig and tutu it does not need much more,” said Sholom. Some of the wild posts show SBSOLLY in a tub with a coconut bikini top, in other’s he’s dressed up as a traffic cop writing his daughter a speeding ticket. “Before I send it, I’m like okay this is going to a half a million people are we doing this? Okay we are doing this,” said Sholom.

“So here we have it, this is where the magic happens,” said Sholom while giving me a tour of their home. Behind it all, we saw a father’s love for his girls as unlimited at his costumes and creativity. “I just want to give the kids everything that is possible for them to have in a fun environment. They are my everything. They are the best thing that ever happened to me,” said Sholom. “So having them be in a house that is fun with levity and enjoyment and a little silliness I do not think you can go wrong.”

“I think I make for a glorious princess,” said Sholom.

For a link to Sholom’s Instagram page click here. For information about Tegan and Ollie pajamas click here.

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