Driver’s Sobbing TikTok Video After Car Crash Baffles Internet

A teenage driver who overturned his pickup truck has baffled TikTok users with a video of him listening to the radio in his crashed car.

Layne Geerdes, 19, from Grinnell, Iowa, flipped a truck while trying to dodge a deer on June 16. Then he shared a video of him lying on the dashboard of the overturned vehicle, which went viral on his TikTok page with nearly 8 million views.

In the footage, Geerdes appears amazed that the radio is still working after the crash.

The aftermath of Layne Greedes’ serious car crash that occurred in Grinnell, Iowa.
@ laynegeerdes20 / Zenger

As he sobs into his phone’s camera, he says, “I was wondering if the radio stays on when you get into a car accident … and it does … and it’s just playing Drake.”

Geerdes said he “wasn’t injured at all” in the crash and explained that he overturned after swerving on a gravel road to avoid hitting a deer.

“It was just really foggy, and I was on a tight corner on an unknown road with loose gravel, and a deer ran out. I swerved, and the rest is history.

Layne Greedes after car crash
Layne Greedes, 19, was listening to Drake after a serious car crash in Grinnell, Iowa. “I was wondering if the radio stays on when you get into a car accident … and it does,” he said in a TikTok video.
@ laynegeerdes20 / Zenger

“The truck was totaled. I did not have insurance as it was too expensive at the time.

“I canceled my insurance to help pay for an apartment to move into after our house caught fire about six weeks ago.”

When asked why he recorded the video moments after flipping his vehicle, Geerdes told Zenger News: “I do not really know what made me film it, but my first phone call was to my mom.

“Then Drake came on the radio and I was so shocked from what just happened I was like ‘why the f ** k is Drake playing right now.'”

Geerdes has since launched a GoFundMe to help pay for a new truck.

He told Zenger News: “My GoFundMe has raised $ 1,500 for a new truck.

“Unfortunately my tickets from the accident were almost as much as I’ve raised so far.”

However, in an update on Tuesday, Geerdes said he had quickly seen the donations double and thanked netizens for their support.

He wrote: “I’m completely in shock by the fact you guys have raised over 3k for a new truck and or car.

“You guys are amazing. Thank everyone, so so much. I can not say it enough. I owe you all.”

At the time of publication, Geerdes had raised $ 3,972 of his $ 4,042 target to help him replace his truck.

This story was provided to Newsweek by Zenger News.

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