Hurry And Get A Strong ‘Destiny 2’ Mod That Hasn’t Been Sold In Eight Months

Destiny 2 is currently operating under a truly bizarre system where its old mods are sold on a daily rotation at Ada-1, where only four are available at a time. With so many mods to go through, the luck of draw means that certain valuable Destiny 2 mods may not appear in the game for literally months until Ada decides it’s time to sell.

Well, today is one of those days, and you have a few hours left to claim Lucent Blade at Ada-1, the mod that increases your sword damage when you are charged with light. This mod has not been sold in eight monthsmeaning that it could be that long until it swings around again after today.

Swords are usually meta for one dungeon or raid boss or another, and Lucent Blade has two main features:

  • When Charged with Light, dealing damage with a sword gives increased damage for five seconds, spending one stack of Charged with Light.
  • If you have another Arc mod socketed, Lucent Blade also greatly increases the charge rate of your sword, meaning you can execute more heavy attacks more often.

Got that? Good, now I can spend the next few paragraphs ranting about how bad this system is.

Without question, there needs to be a blanket gift of mods to all players who don’t have some of these years-old ones at this point. While most new mods are gotten just by playing the new season and having them drop in the wild or be purchased in the HELM, to have these old, inaccessible mods on this kind of rotation system is terrible.

The only change they made to this was that Ada-1 now sells two gun-based mods and two “specialty” mods, but that hasn’t made things all that much better. I do not know if the idea here is that Bungie is trying to get players to log back in every day to see what the old mod rotation is to fill those gaps, but all its doing is putting lapsed or new players at a massive disadvantage with builds, and most new players won’t even know to grab these mods anyway, unless they happen to read a post like this one.

At this point, Ada-1 should work as an actual mod vendor where you can buy all past mods at any time, rather than sit through weeks or in this case, eight months of waiting for a specific mod to come back around. Bungie needs to balance the idea of ​​daily logins with the common sense notion that this current system is not working on any level.

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