Best Hodinkee Comments Week of August 29

The comments: “I have some kind of fascination for ‘swimming pool’ dials… I always love these dials that you’d want to wear by or in a swimming pool… know what I mean? The H. Moser mega cool, the Oyster Perpetual turquoise, hell! even the Tag Heuer Aquaracer 200 for that matter… they just appeal to me. They make me feel like I’m by the pool even if I’m sitting at my desk… They have a soothing effect on me… And this AP is no exception to the rule, I dig it. That and the flying tourbillon, wow that’s cool… My frustration with most Royal Oak is the limited water resistance though (50 m in this case…), not to say that my pool is so deep… but a watch that chunky should be able to do better. What do you think?” – g999b

Bringing another perspective to the table – if AP is a ‘high horology’ brand then why is a simple change of color celebrated as something noteworthy? Seems like an easy way to keep the revenue going with minimal effort on APs part, especially if we are speaking in terms of these pieces mechanical merits. The change of case materials, dial color etc… for existing models that brands release always rub me the wrong way. Variety is a good thing, and in a competitive environment like luxury goods its something that we should expect to see. So, is this worth reporting? Sure, would I call this ‘front page news’? Absolutely not.” – rudarb2990

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