FC Barcelona star Robert Lewandowski clears the air on why he left Bayern Munich

A lot of things have been said about former Bayern Munich star and current FC Barcelona striker Robert Lewandowski since his move and the Poland international wanted to clear the air.

“I cannot say bad words about my teammates, or the club — even though there was kind of politics before — but the time, what I did for the club in these eight years for Bayern Munich was amazing,” Lewandowski told ESPN. “I’m growing every single season, and I know that to decide to move somewhere else will be more difficult every year. Even now it was very difficult to decide to go to Barcelona because I know what I did, the comfort zone I had in Bayern Munich already, but for me, I was always open to something new.”

Lewandowski wanted to be clear that it was simply time for him to try something new and that his transfer was not because of the club or his teammates.

“I heard that Barcelona wanted to sign me, and that was a sign that maybe now is the perfect timing to go to Barcelona, ​​go to LaLiga. I know that I can still play for a few years at the top high level and that’s why I decided to go to Barcelona. I’m very happy to be part of this team,” Lewandowski remarked.

According to Bild (as captured by @iMiaSanMia), “Lewandowski gifted everyone a bottle of Noble Champagne Armand de Brignac with his signature and photos from his time at Bayern on the gift box” upon leaving the Bayern Munich facilities for the final time earlier today.

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