Chelsea not frontrunners for Raheem Sterling ‘at present’

Raheem Sterling is “hoping” to resolve his future before the start of the preseason, and considering that he’s practically his own agent, that should certainly be feasible. Then again, he’s been putting out the vibes for quite a while now, and still no one seems to be truly biting.

While recent rumors did make it sound like said resolution would eventually be a move to Chelsea, that seems far from a certainty just yet. In fact, the Telegraph’s latest report, which seems to be sourced from the man himself, declares that there are “no frontrunners at present” and that Chelsea have not contacted either Manchester City or Sterling himself. (Despite rumors of a € 25m bid getting knocked back already.)

Sterling does have a year left at City and he has an offer from them for an extension. But they’re also willing to let him leave, though they have “yet to quote a fee” for that possibility. (Despite rumors of a hefty £ 50m + asking price.) The 27-year-old sees this as the most important contract of his career, so obviously he wants to make the best decision for himself. (A situation not all that dissimilar from Antonio Rüdiger’s.)

In addition to Chelsea, Real Madrid and Barcelona are said to hold some interest, but they seem even less willing to bite than Chelsea at the moment.

Time to do a bit more agenting, Raheem!

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