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Here are the Top 100 goalies to own in your points-only dynasty league – June edition!

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Goalies within the same tier are generally considered equal value, with varying degrees of reliability, upside, track record, wait time (if a prospect) and proneness to injury.

Tier 0

The only goalies who are completely safe owns, and elite owns. They’ll give you plenty of wins, fewer losses, and good peripheral stats. They generally do not get hurt, and are fairly consistent. Yes, this Tier is a small one.

Tier 1

Good goaltenders who are the clear starters for their team. They are generally going to be safe picks, they should give you solid stats, and each one has upside for greatness in the coming seasons.

Tier 2

Either clear-cut number one goalies, but on weaker teams. Or they are in a shared situation right now, but with tremendous upside in the future. Or they are on top teams but have a shaky track record of late. There is some risk here but also some upside.

Tier 3

A mix of 1B goalies with upside, fading veterans, or top prospects who are very close to making the jump.

Tier 4

The starting goalies on terrible teams, backup goalies on great teams, some very good prospects who are getting closer – and everything in between. With the right bounces, some of these goalies may become stars. Some will see their last career NHL game this season. Lots of risk here.

Tier 5

Mostly prospects here with varying degrees of upside and wait time. As well, there are a few veteran backups sprinkled in there. In the case of the latter, they would need a lot of help and opportunity to do anything for you in your league. In the case of the former, the better their upside the longer their wait time. The prospects here are worth owning in deeper leagues, but the backups are only worth grabbing off the wire if the starter gets hurt.

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