Here’s why the Avalanche fans sing Blink-182 during games

Colorado Avalanche fans sing Blink 182’s hit song, “All the Small Things,” during games. Here is why they do so.

The Colorado Avalanche have reached the Stanley Cup Final for the third time in their franchise’s history. Their previous two trips saw them walk away with Lord Stanley’s Cup. This time, they look to make it a perfect three-for-three, but they have to defeat the back-to-back champions in the Tampa Bay Lightning.

If you watched an Avalanche home game in the regular season or the playoffs, you may have heard fans inside Ball Arena sing Blink-182’s hit 1999 song “All the Small Things.” Here is why they do so.

Why do Avalanche fans sing Blink-182’s ‘All the Small Things’

Credit can be given to Craig Turney, who is better known as DJ Triple T at Colorado games. Turney has been the team’s in-arena DJ since 2007, and he happened to stumble upon Blink-182’s song while listening to the radio in his car in 2019. He then decided to play the song at the arena, and it became a hit for Avalanche fans ever since.

“They just loved it,” Turney recalled, h / t “It was organic. It was not staged. Everyone was into it and it was like, ‘Wow, OK I think we’re really on to something here.’ ”

Once “All the Small Things” starts playing, the fans in attendance can not help but belt out the lyrics. Even when the song stops, the crowd still sings along, as evidenced by the clip above from Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final.

If the Avalanche are to win the Stanley Cup and prevent Tampa Bay from completing the three-peat, you better believe that the fanbase will be singing this Blink-182 song for a long time.

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