Video Evidence Growing That Braxton Jones Is For Real

Easily the biggest surprise of the Chicago Bears training camp is Braxton Jones. Even as Justin Fields and other offensive teammates keep soaking up the attention, people keep noticing the big #70 sitting there at the starting left tackle spot. Everything thought the rookie 5th round pick was nothing more than a brief experiment during OTAs and minicamps. They’re quickly finding out the coaching staff wasn’t joking around. They’re serious about this.

People have been reluctant to believe it. Teams don’t entrust the blind side of a quarterback to rookies. Not unless their 1st round picks. There is no way Jones could be making that strong of an impression, right? It might be time to believe it based on how Luke Getsy spoke about him following Friday’s practice.

“I think Braxton was a guy that (is) obviously super athletic kid we were excited about after spring ball. Then you get into the pads, and there’s zero intimidation. I mean, you’re going against Robert Quinn your very first 1-on-1 pass rush. That’s an intimidating thing, and he stepped up and did a great job. He answered the bell.”

Even the notoriously pessimistic Bears media have begun to see it.

Visual evidence has also started emerging. Fans attending the practice caught a few exciting moments where Jones showcased his talent. The first came during a full team drill where the rookie was left in space against defensive end Al-Quadin Muhammad. Remember, this is a proven veteran who had six sacks last season for the Colts. Jones stonewalled him, allowing Justin Fields to find Byron Pringle for a first down.

Later in practice, Jones did some work on a run play. He got good position off the snap, driving Muhammad out of the lane and allowing David Montgomery enough room for a nice run.

Braxton Jones is on the cusp of an ultra-rare accomplishment.

The Bears likely felt he had the potential to become a starting left tackle. Nobody could’ve predicted he would come along this fast. Then again, it gets easier to accept when listening to the young man talk. He is well-spoken and articulate. The high intelligence is obvious. Combine that with his excellent size, long arms, and plus athleticism; those are all the building blocks necessary for a successful NFL left tackle.

There is no telling what will become of this situation. It is rare for tackles to be major successes taken outside the draft’s first two rounds. Then again, the Bears already had one with Charles Leno. The Green Bay Packers have David Bakhtiari. He was a 4th round pick. So Braxton Jones becoming a stud isn’t crazy. He will have to prove it on the field. That first opportunity comes on August 13th against the Kansas City Chiefs.

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