Robert Saleh: Joe Flacco should be a starter in this league

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It’s been three seasons and two teams since Joe Flacco was a starter in the NFL. The quarterback has made only five starts the past two seasons for the Jets.

Yet, Jets coach Robert Saleh insists that Flacco, at age 37, could still start full time in the NFL.

“He should be, in my opinion,” Saleh said of Flacco as a starter, via Cody Benjamin of CBS Sports. “He could start in this league. I believe that. Sometimes this league has a tendency to pigeonhole people, or put labels on people, and then their opportunities kind of get limited. But Joe Flacco is a starting quarterback in this league. He’s really, really talented.”

Flacco is entering his third season with the Jets. He mentored Sam Darnold in 2020, and Zach Wilson in 2021 after the Jets moved on from Darnold and drafted Wilson. In between those two quarterbacks, Flacco backed up Jalen Hurts briefly in Philadelphia.

Saleh gushed about how big a part of the quarterbacks room Flacco is.

“His presence, his demeanor, the way he goes about his business, he is fantastic,” Saleh said. “He is an open book (for Wilson and the other QBs). . . . He is phenomenal. He really is.”

Flacco led the Ravens to a Super Bowl XLVII victory over the 49ers, winning Super Bowl MVP honors. He has made 176 regular-season starts and 15 in the postseason.

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