How Patriots led push to change NFL rule and bring red throwback uniform back

Towle came to work with the Patriots, her hometown team, after six years on the west coast with the San Francisco 49ers in 2016.

She was partial to the vintage aesthetic of the Pat Patriot logo, loved the classic design of the red jerseys, and knew she was not alone among fans.

“We hadn’t changed the uniform in a long time,” Towle said. “I was always pushing to try and get the throwbacks back. What’s old is new again – that’s why we’re wearing 90s styles right now. It’s fun. Nostalgic. The red pops.”

Towle had a contact at the NFL who not only was in a position to help her change the rule, but who had a vested interest himself.

Jonathan Wright joined the NFL in 2014 as the Senior Director of Uniforms & On-Field Products – one year after the rule was changed.

By 2016, he knew enough about the inner workings between the league and its clubs with all uniform changes crossing his desk. Being a lifelong Patriots fan from Sharon, Mass., He also knew how much fans yearned to see the red throwbacks return.

“I started to kind of ask the questions around, how can we make this work?” Wright recalled.

“Once we formulated the plan, putting it into action certainly it took a while, you know, making sure that at the end of the day, Player Health and Safety still led the charge. But knowing that the teams really wanted this back, the fans certainly want it, the players certainly want it, I think it’s going to be a pretty cool re-addition to the field. “

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