Defense Reportedly Wants No Part Of A Cole Kmet Stiff Arm

In case you missed it, here is a reminder. Cole Kmet is a big dude. Cole Kmet is also a strong dude. Under normal circumstances, the smart thing to do would be not to anger somebody like that. Football is a physical sport, though. Defensive players are responsible for getting him on the ground and keeping him from making catches. However, they must also be prepared for the consequences of trying.

When Matt Eberflus arrived as the Chicago Bears new head coach, one thing immediately became clear. The defense was going to place much greater emphasis on takeaways. That meant going for interceptions and especially trying to punch the ball out for fumbles. Kmet has been a prominent victim of those attempts. He’d be lying if he said he liked it. So he told Adam Hoge of CHGO his solution to the problem. One that Bears defenders quickly realized they didn’t care for either.

“Well, so this happened in OTAs: I got hit, so I started stiff-arming. And people didn’t like that I was stiff-arming. So I just told the guys, ‘Well don’t hit me and you won’t get stiff-armed.’ So guys are a little lighter on me now because they know what’s going to happen if I get hit. But it hurts like a bitch when you get hit. I’m not going to lie.”

Hopefully, Cole Kmet had a dawning realization.

If he could get his defensive teammates to respect the stiff arm, that means it is a weapon he should probably use on Sundays. Remember, not only is he 6’6, but he also has 33-inch arms. He should have a reach advantage against most defenders in the league. That stiff arm could be devastating if he learns to use it right. Ash Rob Gronkowski. He had one that defenses feared early in his career. Guys went out of their way to avoid it.

Cole Kmet has the same ability in him. It’s about playing with that alpha mentality. Don’t avoid contact. Seek it out. Send a message to every defender that they’ll have to pay the price if they want to get physical. Considering how hard the tight end runs after the catch, it’s surprising he hasn’t tried to make this part of his arsenal sooner. Maybe the results he saw in OTAs woke him up to that untapped potential.

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