Buccaneers rookie punter hits bottom of video board at Jerry World on 1st career punt

When the Dallas Cowboys built AT&T Stadium and put a huge video board that hangs over the field, there was a concern. Could punters hit it?

It’s weird, but it happened again on Sunday night.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers drafted Jake Camarda in the fourth round out of Georgia because he has a big leg, and he showed it off on his first career punt attempt. That punt didn’t actually count, because it hit the bottom of the big video board. The NBC crew quickly explained what happens next, which was that the play was treated the same as an inadvertent whistle and the down would be played again.

While it has happened before — Bryan Anger of the Cowboys hit it in a wild-card playoff game last postseason — it is still pretty impressive. The video board is high above the field and hitting it takes some serious hang time.

Camarda had to rekick, and his second career attempt didn’t count either. The Cowboys ran into him, got a 5-yard penalty, and Camarda punted again. His third chance at his first official punt went off without any issue.

Not many punters can say they’ve hit the video board at AT&T Stadium. Camarda joined the club in his first NFL game.

Jake Camarda of Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a strange punt on Sunday night. (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

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