“This Is Pathetic”: LeBron James’ Millionaire Son Bronny Publicly Rejecting a Fan’s Request Sends NBA Fans Wild

The amount of pressure that comes with being the son of one of the greatest NBA players in history is enormous. LeBron James, as a talented high schooler, paved his way into the league and clawed his way up to become “The King”. Bronny James, his eldest son, is on the same route and would be drooling to savor the wonderful path to success like his father.

In addition to all of the expectations that come with being the son of an NBA player, stardom is, of course, intrinsic. LeBron James is a global phenomenon. While Bronny is nowhere near his father’s level of fame, the four-star high school prospect is no stranger to it.


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One of the videos making rounds on social media shows Bronny James having a strange yet funny encounter with a fan. Bronny can be seen being approached by a fan in what looked like a public event of some sort.

The fan right off the bat expresses that he is a big fan of Bronny and his basketball skills. Seeing the fan get a little clingy to the Sierra Canyon guard, the security walked in and instructed him to leave. The fan again remarked that he admires Bronny’s basketball abilities and requested a shoutout in one of his stories.

Hearing the unusual request, Bronny said that he couldn’t do it. This is when things started to become strange. The fan immediately turned emotional and dropped to his knees, begging him for a shoutout. The basketball player was visibly perplexed and did not understand what was going on.

The security guard instructed the fan to “cut it out,” and he was presumably thrown out following that.

Fans react as Bronny James declines a fan’s request

Bronny James has worked really hard to get to where he is now. Despite the fact that he is still a high school prospect, his net worth has climbed to $10 million, placing him among the richest high school basketball players. While being the son of LeBron James helps with notoriety, the work he has to put in to hone his hooping talents and net worth is tremendous.


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As Bronny was approached by a weird request from a fan, he couldn’t do anything but refuse. Of course, he’s probably accustomed to fans approaching him for autographs or photos, but a shoutout must be a first.

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When Bronny James turned down the strange request from a fan, it drew a flurry of reactions from the fans on social media. Here are some of the best ones.


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