Jayke Troutwine uses the LLWS stage to share how he helps cancer patients

HAGERSTOWN, Ind. — It’s been three weeks since you last saw the Hagerstown all-stars play in the Little League World Series.

It’s also been three weeks since Kacey and Josh Troutwine, parents of Team Great Lakes leadoff batter Jayke Troutwine, told a story on live television about their son’s hair.

All the ESPN broadcasters could seem to talk about whenever Jayke stepped into the batter’s box was his hair that hung almost to the middle of his back. So, during Hagerstown’s final game at the LLWS Aug. 23, sideline reporter Julie Foudy found his parents in the stands and asked them about it.

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The short story: It’s more than just a look.

The longer story — the one Kacey and Josh told countless people during and following their time at the LLWS — goes back four or five years to when Jayke’s older sister started raising money at school for a close family friend with cancer.

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