Marvel Fans Compare Jupiter to Galactus After News That the Planet Eats Other Planets

News of Jupiter possibly eating planets have fans talking about Galactus. Yes, the journal of Astronomy & Astrophysics published a new report about the massive planet. Apparently, Jupiter is that big because it’s been pulling in other bodies. A fact that social media discovered and treated with the requisite respect that we all expect out of that realm. NASA’s Juno space probe played a big role in this discovery. It’s flyby of the gas giant allowed scientists to speculate on how it gathers mass. Some of those clouds left an opening to get a picture of what’s going on beneath the surface. Let’s hope we all do not get a visit from the Silver Surfer anytime soon. Check out some of the best posts down below.

MCU Direct actually talked to Eternals writer Kat Firpo about Galactus’ storied entry to the MCU. “Galactus is an amazing, amazing character, and villain. We are, you know, obviously setting the stage for intergalactic, cosmic, megalith confrontations, especially when you kill a space god — and then the space god comes and kidnaps you and plans to judge Earth, I think the door is very much open for world-eating villains… Galactus is one of those iconic figures of the Marvel Universe that [they’re] excited to see. “

When do you think we’ll see Galactus? Let us know down in the comments!

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