Research: “Omicron variant is highly likely a product of artificial genetic modification”

An extraordinary claim in a research paper just released: that the Omicron variant could be a product of artificial genetic modification.

A method to find a probability that a given bias of mutations occur naturally is proposed to test whether a newly detected virus is a product of natural evolution or artificial genetic modification.

The proposed method is applied to evaluate whether the Omicron variant strain of SARS-CoV-2, whose spike protein includes 29 N mutations and only one S mutation, can emerge through natural evolution. The result of binomial test based on the proposed model shows that the bias of N/S mutations in the Omicron spike can occur with a probability of 1.6 x 10^(-3) or less. Even with the conventional model where the probabilities of any kinds of mutations are all equal, the strong N/S mutation bias in the Omicron spike can occur with a probability of 3.7 x 10^(-3), which means that the Omicron variant is highly likely a product of artificial genetic modification.

Research paper: A probabilistic approach to evaluate the likelihood of artificial genetic modification and its application to SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant

A tweet from one of the authors of the paper:

And another…

We believe that Dr Kakeya may be referring to the Twitter thread from the Bloom lab….

The Bloom lab thread includes this tweet:

Admirable though it is, the Twitter thread from the Bloom lab fails to take into account the considerable circumstantial evidence that Omicron was already circulating internationally before it was first officially identified in South Africa.

We noted in the post below, for example, that “There is accumulating evidence that some of the Omicron cases turning up in the UK predate the first cases announced in South Africa,” hence our reference to its “murky origins” below:

Is Omicron another Plague Island export?

The theory that the Omicron variant might be artificial in nature is not as outlandish as it at first seems. There was a lot of speculation about its murky origins when the variant was first identified.

In December 2021, some even wondered whether the variant might have been intentionally created and then released as a type of self-spreading vaccine, presumably to counter the deadly Delta variant that had been prominent earlier that year. We can certainly think of a few nations across the globe where that sort of proposal might have been quietly entertained…

Bill Gates: “Omicron, is a type of vaccine…”

Preprint: Evidence for a mouse origin of Omicron

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