RGIII Drops Two Blatant, Hilarious Sexual Innuendos On National TV

Any college football game with Robert Griffin III in the booth has quickly become must-watch TV. The former Heisman Trophy winner continues to drop WILD innuendos week-in and week-out.

Robert Griffin III continues to slide hilarious sexual innuendos into national television. (Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

Earlier this year, while calling Michigan’s Week 1 game against Colorado State, RGIII said that the Wolverines were having an “orgy” in the end zone. It came out of absolutely nowhere and left college football fans in shambles.

Two weeks later, on Saturday night, Griffin III was on the call for Michigan’s in-state rivals, the Spartans. As Michigan State traveled to Seattle for an 11-point loss (that was never super close) to Washington, he was back at it again.

The Huskies jumped out to a 29-8 lead at halftime and went on to win big. They were led by transfer quarterback Michael Penix Jr., who threw for 397 yards and four touchdowns on 24 completions.

He was lights out.

Or, as RGIII put it, he was exuding “Big Penix Energy”

Yes, Griffin III knew exactly what he was saying. Yes, he knew that Penix sounds very phallic in nature. That was the whole point of what he said. But the fact that he said it at all was hilarious.

Not long afterwards, Spartans center Nick Samac was called for an illegal snap in the second half. Griffin III referred to the double clutch hesitation as “premature snapulation.”

Yes, it was in reference to exactly what you think it was in reference to. He really said that!

Over the course of the first three weeks, Griffin has been on one. RGIII has been dropping all kinds of hilarious, relatively inappropriate references left and right.

The innuendos have not only made him one of the most entertaining broadcasters in the game, but they have made his games worth watching regardless of the score. Hilarious.

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