Controversy at Shakira music video filming: They’re hitting me

Shakira experienced some very stressful minutes in Spain as she began filming her new music video with Puerto Rican artist Ozuna.

The filming started in Manresa and as is to be expected for such a big star like Shakiramany members of the public showed up to get a glimpse of the action.

Shakira is in the limelight more than ever, especially after her controversial separation from Barcelona player Gerard Pique.

There was an incident that occurred with a journalist who was taken away from the scene by the Mossos d’Esquadra.

A video clip of the incident was made public by the program ‘Socialite’ and it was taken in Manresa.

A Colombian journalist tried to get past the police control and sneak onto the set. This caused them to neutralize him immediately and take him away.

That’s when the journalist started shouting: “I’m a journalist! Help! They’re beating me! Shakira!” he said. “This is a worldwide scandal. I looked at Shakira and her face was a poem,” the paparazzi said of the moment.

On Friday, it was reported that two international singers were going to record a video clip in Barcelona.

First it was inside a supermarket and later in the city centre. There was great expectation throughout the weekend to see the moves made by the Colombian artist.


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