Love and Thunder Director Taika Waititi Explains How He Trolls Fans

Thor: Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi explained why he enjoys trolling fans on social media. On The Late Show last night, the filmmaker talked about the fervor surrounding all of these MCU movies. Anyone who is a Marvel fan online has seen some of these interactions first hand. People will say just about anything to the creative teams and actors that play their favorite roles. However, Waititi is not afraid to have a little fun when individuals get ridiculous. Fan communities can jump to conclusions when the first announcements surrounding a movie or series come down. A lot of people might not have been familiar with the director’s work. But, the Thor helmer has no problem poking the bear to make a mockery of this entire setup.

“I like to listen to the fans and then troll them back, because it just brings me some joy in my life. I have many joys in my life, my kids, and trolling fans,” he joked. “When I did Ragnarok, there were a few people did not know what I did and what I’ve done before and they said ‘Oh, he’s gonna ruin it!’ And then I would write back ‘Oh, I’m gonna ruin it, alright! 100 percent!’ And then I would write back ‘You do not know what you want until I give it to you!’ and stuff like that. “ had the chance to speak with the filmmaker during the press run for Lightyear. He believes keeping things light is the only way for him to create.

“I think it’s all I’ve got,” Waititi chuckled. “I think they’re all I’ve got is my inner child. I mean, I think that’s, if you look at any of my work, I mean, if you look even just hang out with me for more than five minutes, then, you know, you’ll know I’m not the most mature person. But what is maturity? What does that even mean? You know, I think maturity’s stupid. “

Before this more mellow mind state, the director used to get very nervous about achieving his goals. “That’s every single day of my life is that,” Waititi added. It’s ‘I wish this would stop.’ I remember, I think every pre-production meeting I go into, I remember distinctly on my, maybe my first or second film, I was in a pre-production meeting and all the crew were in there and we were going through the pages and the script, and I had no idea what I was doing and I prayed in my head that a truck or a plane or anything would crash into the building and kill us all so I did not have to do the movie because I did not know what I was doing. “

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