Kim Kardashian Reveals the First Text She Sent Pete Davidson, How Much Weight She’s Lost Since the Marilyn Monroe Dress

First, Kim was asked about Pete Davidson.

“You pursued him!” Hoda said, to which Kim responded, “It’s so not me.”

She was then asked what she texted to him to get the ball rolling, and Kim responded, “I ran into him a little bit before [hosting SNL in October 2021] at the Met. He gave me really good advice, knowing I was gonna be on it. So I just reached out and said, thank you so much for that advice, it was so much fun. Just something [casual]leaving it open. ”

She then talked about how she introduced him to her four kids, saying, “Luckily I have a sister who has been through it all. I consulted with a few therapists and friends who had been through it. I definitely wanted to wait six months [before introducing Pete to my kids]. And that was the marker. I think it’s different for everyone. Different things work for different people. You just have to be as respectful and cautious as possible. ”

And she was asked about how long she waited between her split from Kanye to her relationship with Pete, saying, “I waited a while. I waited a good 10 months. I think you definitely need that time to yourself. I felt like I just wanted new energy. ”

Kim was then asked about the Marilyn Monroe dress and she revealed she lost even more weight since slimming down to fit in to the gown. Click inside to see…

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