‘Just Because Something Is a Right, Doesn’t Make It Right’

Elisabeth Hasselbeck returned to “The View” on Wednesday and spent most of the first half of the show shaming abortion rights activists and women who get abortions. According to Hasselbeck, these people are “getting caught in the law” too much, rather than adhering to religious guidelines.

The discussion on abortion rights resurfaced after voters in Kansas overwhelmingly rejected the idea of ​​removing a woman’s right to an abortion from the state constitution on Wednesday night, after the reversal of Roe v. Wade made it possible for state lawmakers to restrict access to that particular form of healthcare.

While most of the panel celebrated, Hasselbeck largely used her time to shame abortion rights activists. She primarily cited her religious beliefs, saying that abortion is wrong “according to God,” while also claiming that she doesn’t force her religion onto people. Hasselbeck’s core argument though was that women are focusing too much on the legality of abortions, rather than the morality of them.

“I think oftentimes we get caught in the ‘right’ legislatively. Like, we’re getting caught in the law,” she said. “Just because something is a right, doesn’t make it right.”

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Hasselbeck repeatedly touted the idea that women who get pregnant and are able to carry a baby to term should look into agencies to help them get that child adopted, by families who want and are ready for the child.

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At that, host Joy Behar pointed out that “there are 117,000 children waiting to be adopted right now, so it’s not such a snap thing.” When her cohosts backed Behar up, with Sara Haines arguing that the foster and adoption systems are flawed, Hasselbeck claimed that they’re flawed because of the government.

She instead pushed people to “Non-profits that are actually doing the good work. They’re out there, I promise you.”

Moderator Whoopi Goldberg also pushed back on the idea that all women can simply give up a child for adoption, and argued that people need to find the solution that is right for their specific situation.

“God made us smart enough to know when it wasn’t going to work for us,” she said. “That’s the beauty of giving us freedom of choice.”

To that, Hasselbeck responded “no,” and pulled out a dish towel that read “I’d agree with you, but then we’d both be wrong” — something she specifically brought along for the show.

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