‘They Did the Right Thing’

Sunny Hostin is pretty confident that a digital copy of Alex Jones’ phone didn’t fall into the hands of Sandy Hook parents this week by mistake. According to the host of “The View,” it was probably an intentional move by Jones’ lawyers.

On Wednesday, during the damages hearing that will determine how much Jones will pay for his claims that the 2012 Newtown, Connecticut, shooting was a hoax, the prosecution revealed to him on the stand that Jones’ lawyers “messed up” and sent a digital copy of the conspiracy theorist’s phone to the Sandy Hook families’ legal team. That phone contained every text message Jones has sent for the past two years, and helped the parents of the children catch Jones lying under oath.

While many have speculated that the phone ended up with the parents by mistake, Hostin finds that a bit far-fetched.

“[I] don’t think the lawyers sort of did this accidentally. I know a lot of folks are reporting that they did this accidentally,” Hostin said. “When your client perjures himself, or herself, or when your client has information that you must turn over, lawyers turn the information over. That is the right thing to do. It is the rule of evidence. And so, I suspect that that is why the lawyers didn’t claim anything was privileged, and try not to disclose it. They did the right thing and they handed over the appropriate discovery. That’s well done!”

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When host Joy Behar pressed Sunny on whether the situation was “accidentally on purpose,” Hostin explained further that the phone is exculpatory evidence, and reiterated that Jones’ lawyers were acting as required by law.

Regardless of whether the phone reached the families by mistake though, the hosts of “The View” were glad to see Jones exposed.

“Baby, they got you,” Whoopi Golberg said. “They got you, they got you. It is little to really take the onus off the stink of what you’ve done to these families over the past year. It is horrific what you did, and they got you, because they got you for lying under oath, which I understood — I mean I could be wrong, but I thought that was against the law.”

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