Ray J Accuses Kris Jenner of Lying About Negotiating Release of Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape — Again

2007 called—it wants its tabloid fodder back. In a series of videos posted to his Instagram, singer Ray J accused the Kardashian clan of orchestrating the release of his and Kim’s sex tape 15 years ago, sharing alleged DMs to bolster his case. His claims are not new, with the 41-year-old sitting for an interview with the Daily Mail earlier this year to reveal the Kardashians’ alleged machinations, as well as the existence of a supposed second tape. Saturday night’s outburst was apparently triggered by Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner’s recent appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Ray J wrote that she and Kim had “f€Cked with THE WRONG BLACK MAN,” saying he would be filming an Instagram Live presentation to go “through receipts.” He claimed during the subsequent presentation that Vivid Entertainment had purchased three separate tapes in 2007, and that Jenner had advocated for the release of the one that most flattered Kardashian. Ray J also scrolled through alleged messages between himself and Kim, as well as supposed texts with Kanye West, discussing the “contracts” he had signed with the Kardashians. “This ain’t over,” Ray J said at the end of his final, 44-minute video, promising he had “more to show.”


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