Kim Kardashian Inadvertently Gives a Lesson on Bleached Blonde Root Growth

Who knew that Kim Kardashian’s latest blonde stint would end soon? During recent sightings and appearances through New York Fashion Week, we surmise that she’s about ready to let it all grow back out.

From front-row spectating and attending the hottest parties New York City has to offer, Kim Kardashian’s current platinum blonde hair has its natural dark roots peeking through, quickly fighting to be on its way out. We’re not sure if the Kardashian sister will return to her expensive brunette or if a new trend of root growth is on the horizon. Or is she embracing an entirely new direction as this moment is undoubtedly intentional? From the looks of things, root growth wear will be the next trend it-girls will flock to, following suit after the reality star.

“I’m here for this apparent new style. For my blonde hair, I use Bread Beauty Supply’s detox mask to reset my hair in between my touch ups or if I decide to let my roots grow out,” Alyssa Ackerman, Hypebae’s Beauty Social Lead, advised. “The question is, are the girls staying dark or are we holding on to blonde?”

For Kim Kardashian, all signs are pointing “Back to Black,” as Amy Winehouse would say, but we’ll await the results. See more of the star’s slicked look below.

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