Gwendoline Christie in Rick Owens at THE SANDMAN World Premiere: IN or OUT?

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Posted on August 04, 2022

Y’know, if Gwendoline Christie ever stepped out onto a red carpet in something that wasn’t challenging and dramatic, we think we’d be very disappointed. Not that we’d tell her she only has to dress one way forever, but there’s no denying the lady can work what most stars would find completely unworkable:

Drama. Effort. Unmissable. Weird. Confusing. Sorry to sound like an editor at Patsy Stone’s magazine for a second there, but sometimes, reducing your style assessment to buzzwords really is the best way to convey what you’re looking at. We’ve never been the biggest fans of Rick Owens, but we’ve always appreciated his relentless push to deliver the unexpected in his designs. And if we haven’t made it clear yet, we adore how adventurous, declarative, and occasionally (but not necessarily today) avant-garde she can be in her style. The transition from sequins to denim is so deftly executed that it almost seems like a magic trick. This dress demands that you look at it and come to terms with it. Our only quibble is that the large half-cape seems a little too difficult to work in the real world. It looks better on the runway, but she only had to wear it for five minutes and walk a couple hundred yards in it at most. That’s us, though. And you?

Gwendoline Christie’s Big Weird Gown Thing:

In The Sandman, Gwendoline is deliciously courtly and polite in a wholly insincere way as Lucifer Morningstar, the ruler of Hell. We have some issues with some of the creative decisions made with the character, but not with her casting. More on that tomorrow.

Style Credits:
Rick Owens Sequin Gown from the Fall 2022 Collection
Solange Azagury-Partridge Jewelry
Manolo Blahnik Shoes

Styled city Jerry Stafford | Hair city Ryan Wood | Makeup city Daniel Sallstrom

[Photo Credit: John Rainford/Cover Images, Doug Peters/PA Images/INSTARimag/Cover Images, MICHAEL SIMON/ Images, Alain Gil Gonsalez/ABACA/]

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