Visit Roswaal’s Mansion for the Re:ZERO Mobile Game Exhibition

Tappei Nagatsuki‘s Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- is celebrating the second anniversary of its mobile game, Lost in Memories, with a walkthrough art exhibition. The best part? You can go there right now, free, with the click of a mouse button!

The virtual exhibition is hosted by DOOR NTT XR, and is designed to look (at least in part) like Roswaal’s Mansion from the series. When you enter, Subaru will greet you in his butler’s uniform, and you’ll have a brief tutorial (in English) helping you move around the space.

Re:ZERO Virtual Exhibition

Re:ZERO Virtual Exhibition

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Take your time perusing the images on display, then move along to the concert hall at the back of the mansion. There, you’ll be greeted by idol versions of Rem, Ram, Emilia, and Beatrice.

Re:ZERO Virtual Exhibition

Re:ZERO Virtual Exhibition

You can even grab a pink or blue glow stick and cheer from the audience. We couldn’t decide, so we got one of each:

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Follow this link to jump right into the exhibition yourself! No account or payment information is required, and you can invite friends to tour the exhibition with you at the same time.

If you poked around a bit in the front section, you may have noticed some doors with “Coming Soon” signs on them. Apparently, there will be an expansion of the event space on September 23, so be sure to come back for a look around then. But make sure you get in before the end of the month, as the exhibition will only run until September 30.

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