Music and typography combine in the addictively colorful designs of Raissa Pardini

“I’ve never been too good at preaching about myself and that’s why I create design – it’s a way of expressing who I am and to rant about something,” said London-based graphic designer Raissa Pardini. Taking to the stage as our final speaker of the evening, Raissa’s smile and energy was undeniably infectious, just like the colorful, clever and addictive compositions found in her design portfolio. Creativity is something she’s done for years, she told us, and we’m not surprised. Back in her childhood years, it was the “perfect formula” for her mum and dad to get a break from [her] being loud and hyperactive ”-“ I would hide myself in drawings and be quiet for hours, ”she continued. From a working-class background with “very unpretentious” parents who knew nothing about art, it took a few years for them to finally understand her craft. And, after an exhibition in 2020, “they finally got it”.

Now, it’s safe to say that Raissa is a graphic design powerhouse. She had 16 typographic posters acquired by the V&A for the permanent collection, worked with countless brands and artists, and cemented herself in the realms of music; she’s worked with small musicians to the likes of Justin Bieber. “[You don’t need to] compromise to see what the artist is all about while trying to look after your own art; there’s always something in-between, ”she noted. “Each style can be different and still look like yours while still being respectful of the artist.” Next, she ran us through a few recent projects of hers which included the typography for Nadia Lee Cohen’s retrospective book, Women. But in more recent months, things have changed slightly. “I’ve been trying to get away from type and have a different creative aspect of my practice,” she explained. This gave way to some experimental patterns, which later evolved into a commissioned opportunity with WeTransfer, as well as an ongoing series of illustrated words for New York Times – a favorite project from the past year. There’s so much to unpack in this inspiring talk, so you’d better get watching!

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