MyDATA blows firms’ cover |

More than 240,000 businesses and freelancers were revealed through the MyDATA digital accounting and tax application to have not submitted their documents to the tax office (collective statements of customers-suppliers) in 2021.

As reported by the tax administration, the digital transformation is leading to immediate results, whereas with the previous regime the checks were done retroactively.

E-books have now entered the lives of businesses and tax authorities, while retail businesses are already transmitting transaction data through tax mechanisms. The important thing for the tax authorities is that the professions that are high on the list of tax evasion, such as doctors and lawyers, as well as professions that are active in the field of construction, such as plumbers, electricians etc, have an obligation to send them the documents.

The Independent Authority for Public Revenue (AADE) reported that almost all businesses have registered with MyDATA, specifically 1,069,993, which have sent 1,225,053,084 documents worth 733.4 billion euros.

It is noted that before electronic books, companies were obliged to fill in and send consolidated customer-supplier statements. In fact, in order for businesses to be consistent, at the end of the year it is expected that a provision will be submitted to Parliament providing for the imposition of fines on businesses and professionals that do not post their invoices on the electronic platform.

In the electronic books of AADE, the summary of the documents regarding receipts and expenses of the businesses is transmitted and registered, the registered transactions are categorized, while the accounting entries of settlement will be registered to determine the accounting and tax result of each year.

The above has been standardized (data standardization of documents), so that they can be transmitted electronically by the entities and registered uniformly with AADE.


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